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IronMan E Series Gear Reducers

Grove Gear IronMan E Series High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Reducers are designed for increased torque density, reduce inventory and improved efficiency. By utilizing modified helical-bevel technology, the E Series is able to operate at 90% efficiency compared to to the 60-68% over standard right angle worm gear reducers. A full line of various accessories and modular components designed to compliment the E Series and enables to match critical dimensions of standard worm gearbox. This creates the opportunity to reduce inventory and increase cash flow.

Four models are currently offered with double reduction ratios from 7.8:1 to 60:1 and power capability to 8.50 hp. Triple reduction units are available by adding a ratio multiplier.

Enhanced Features include:

  • 60% more torque than typical worm gear reducers which creates the opportunity to downsize motor and gear reducer.
  • Four models replace 10 typical worm gear center distances
  • Plug-in shafts and mounting accessories create hundreds of style combinations
  • 90% operating efficiency creates fast payback through energy cost savings
  • Compact design enables a direct interchange replacement of worm gear reducers in compact locations