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LEESON Single Phase Rigid Base Farm Duty Motors

LEESON Single Phase Rigid Base Farm Duty Motors

Heavy duty single phase Hi-Torque Motors: designed specifically for severe "farm duty" environments and applications, but work excellently in an standard environment for Air Compressors, pumps and other single phase machinery.

Mechanical Features:

  • Gasketed capacitor housing and conduit boxes provide protection in all environments.
  • Double sealed ball bearings pre-lubricated with Exxon POLYREX EM grease having operating temperature range of -20*F to +350*F and special formulation to provide extra bearing protection.
  • Rubber boot over manual protector reset button provides weather protection.

Electrical Features:

  • Low temperature manual overload protector protects against extreme overload.
  • Class "F" copper windings and varnish.
  • Capacitor start provides high starting torque with normal starting current.

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