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LEESON P300 SERIES SUB-FHP DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

LEESON P300 SERIES SUB-FHP SCR Rated Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotor

Electrical Specifications:

SCR Rated Gear Motors: 27-353 In-Lbs Torque
Totally enclosed, permanent magnet DC gearmotors, performance matched for continuous duty service over a 60:1 speed range. All have constant torque throughout the range when powered by a full-wave unfiltered SCR-type adjustable speed control having a typical form factor of 1.3 to 1.4.

Mechanical Specifications:

Precision machined in-line steel gears, with a first stage steel helical gear followed by spur-type gears. Lubrication is permanent semi-fluid grease, reducing possibility of leakage. Output shafts have needle bearings for high load capacities. Shafts are hardened steel. Conduit box not included with motor.

Application Notes:

These gearmotors are designed for mounting at any angle, but shaft up with motor below should be avoided to prevent leakage of lubricant into the motor should the motor shaft’s seal fail.

Overhung load capacities shown are at center of output shaft.

The motor’s stall torque exceeds recommended full load torque. A current limiting device such as an SCR control should be used to prevent damage. Model 300 gearmotors have the same mounting dimensions as Bison’s 300 and many Dayton gearmotors.

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