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1/4HP LEESON 1120RPM D71C IP55 3PH IEC MOTOR 192019

Catalog Number:  192019.00
Model Number:  C71T11FZ2
Description:  1/4HP,1120RPM,D71C,IP55,3PH,60/50HZ,IEC METRIC
Ship Weight:  13 lbs.

LEESON AC METRIC MOTORS meet international standards and feature IP55 weatherproof enclosures, 60/50Hz interchangeability (60Hz 230/460 V & 50Hz 200/400V) dual stamped nameplates, CE mark, and F3 conduit box location.

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Removable feet.
  • Drain Hole locations in four quadrants can be drilled-out for multi-position condensate drainage.
  • C Face (B14) and rigid base (B3) mounting.
  • “Captive Shaft” keyway.
  • Drilled and tapped shaft.
  • Oil Seals on both the drive end and non drive end.
  • High efficiency design utilizes low-loss steel laminations for optimum power and performance.
  • Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise or lower.
  • Aluminum “full fact” nameplate with information on motor efficiency and power factor. Stamped
    with 60Hz and 50Hz data.
  • Multi-mount repositionable feet allow for three conduit box positions (F2, F1, F3)
  • External grounding provision.
  • Special design steel fan cover and low-noise fan maximize airflow efficiency.
  • Conduit Box with neoprene gaskets. Reposition metric “PG” tapped lead exit hole by rotating box
    in 90 degree increments. Move box to F1 or F2 position by relocating motor feet.
  • Terminal Boards included. 230/460V motors have 9 leads.
  • CSA: File number LR33543
    UL: File number E57948 for motors produced January 2004 and later
  • IP55 weatherproof enclosure allows for use in wide range application.
Volts 230 Volts 460 Volts 200/400
F.L. Amps 1.16 F.L. Amps .58 F.L. Amps 1.2/.6
S. F Amps 1.2 S. F Amps .60 S. F Amps 1.3/.65
RPM 1200 Hertz 60/50    
KW .187        
Frame D71C Serv. Factor 1.15 Phase 3
Max Amb 40 Design B Code G
Insul Class F Protection NOT Therm.Prot.  
Eff 100% 64 Eff 75%   PF 63
UL Yes CSA Yes Bearing OPE 6203
CC Number NONE CE Yes Bearing PE 6203
Load Type   Inverter Type NONE Speed Range NAN
Motor Wt. 13 LB Enclosure IP55 Lubrication STANDARD
Nameplate 081044 Mounting B3/B14 Rotation REV
1/4HP LEESON 1120RPM D71C IP55 3PH IEC MOTOR 192019
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Manufacturer Part Number: 192019.00
Stock # 192019
Price: $306.00
Compare At: $624.00

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