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Discounted Three Phase Brakemotors

Stock Discounted Three Phase Brakemotors

All products are new and have a one year EASA guideline warranty unless otherwise stated. Product manufacturers will vary. Please contact us with questions or offers (302) 653-1844


BALDOR 35J781-1709G1, 1/3HP EPOXY WASHDOWN Brake Motor, Spring set brake, Power off operation manual release, Resets automatically, Brakes internally connected


RELIANCE P14H7308 2HP Short Series Brake Motor designed for unit and baggage handling, conveyors, packaging equipment, machine tools, hoists, elevators and door operators.


VBM3211T BALDOR 3HP Brake Motor is ideal for use with machine tools, conveyors, door operators, speed reducers, and any application requiring quick stops and positive hold.


VBM3611T BALDOR 3HP Brake Motor designed for machine tools, conveyors, door operators, speed reducers, any application requiring quick stop and hold.


SWDBM3615T BALDOR 5HP Three Phase Stainless Steel Premium Brake Motor is designed for food processing, packaging and outdoor applications. Severe environments where motors are "washed" on a regular basis..

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