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Product Code: X5C40030C
Description: VACON X5 VFD/380-480VAC/3PH INPUT
Constant Torque (150%): 2HP/1.5kW,3.4FLA,3PH
Variable Torque (120%): 3HP/2.2kW,4.8FLA,3PH
Frame Size: F1A
Dimensions: 8.72 x 12.01 x 8.49 (in)
Ship Weight:  14 lbs.

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Vacon X5 AC Drive can handle just about anything you throw at including misconnections and human error. IP66-rated contamination-proof enclosures exceed NEMA 1, 12 and 4X standards, allowing the X5 to be installed almost anywhere.

Quality you can trust. We are so sure of the built-in quality, that we have a standard 3-year warranty.

No expensive enclosures are needed or extra protection required to keep dirt, oil, water and other contaminates out of this drive. Designed to fit your application with minimal set up and maintenance, the Vacon X5 offers extra programming features and fault protection that provide the versatility and dependability you expect from Vacon.

The Vacon X5 can be supplied with or without an internal RFI filter.

60:1 constant torque turn down ratio provides low speed performance when you need it.

The X5 accepts option boards, and has a USB interface, fully coated PC boards for added protection and other advanced features such as a real-time-clock.

The Vacon X Series drives have the brains to go with their brawn. All models are packed with advanced control and operation features that make them the best choice for everything from simple, stand-alone applications to advanced system-level controls.

The Vacon X Series drives also boast the easiest programming and operation in the industry. The bright, clear, backlit display provides an easy to read and customizable view for operation and programming. The Vacon X Series keypad has large, well marked buttons to control all aspects of the drive operation and programming.

Toughest Packaging

  • NEMA 4X / IP66 Indoor and Outdoor Use enclosures
  • Withstands 1,000 PSI washdown at 6 inches on models though 30 HP
  • Thick injected foam and metal covers protect against bumps and misuse
  • Mounts close to the motor to eliminate long motor lead problems
  • Double labyrinth seal to keep dust, dirt, oil and water from entering the enclosure

Easiest to Use

  • Simple intuitive programming
  • Multi-language display – no codes to learn
  • Wireless programming using PDA-trAC+® for Windows Mobile 5®
  • Application Marcos make set-up a breeze

Most Versatile

  • Operate from keypad, remote signals, computers or any combination
  • Mount them where you use them
  • Built-in 9-step PLC functions (25-step with X5)
  • ARCTIC Mode maintains safe operating temperature in cold locations

USB Functions

  • Parameter Save / Recall
  • Save parameter set to USB stick and upload to another drive
  • Stored data easily opened with Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to define custom file name (numbers or text)
  • Easy firmware upgrades using standard USB memory stick

Real Time Clock Functions

  • Control operation based on time-of-day. Separate weekday and weekend settings available
  • Fault Information — real time data is stored with all faults
  • Signals an event via text on the display or contact closure, independent of drive operation
  • Keeper Function — logs time-based data from external or internal signals
  • Data read via serial communication or transferred to USB Memory Stick

Program Sequencer Enhancements

  • Improved functionality is closer to traditional PLC than available with current X4
  • New loop and branch capabilities available
  • Real Time Clock — time-of-day (TOD) enable function, allows programmed operation to specific periods of the day or week


The ability to accept option boards enhances the Vacon X5’s application flexibility. Current options afford Vacon X5 Profibus with the opportunity to communicate on powerful serial communication networks like DeviceNet, Ethernet IP, Profibus and Modbus TCP/IP. An additional option affords the opportunity to interface a shaft mounted optical encoder to the Vacon X5 for improved performance. All options include five (5) channels of 115Vac control options. Remote IP66-rated keypad are also available for both the Vacon X4 and X5 drives.

Basic operations are a breeze with Vacon's keypad. The familiar design is easy to understand and use, yet offers an unprecedented breadth of functionality. Operators have access to parameters for configuration, start-up, operation and troubleshooting.

Run set-up macros for fan, pump or sensorless vector applications. Expand the basic operations with predefined macro commands that simplify common application set ups. One-touch menu selection collects the most frequently used parameters and presets them with common application settings.

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Manufacturer Part Number: X5C40030C
Stock # VACONX5C40030C
Price: $1,270.00
Compare At: $1,729.00

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