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TCI KMG Sinewave Filters

TCI KMG Sinewave Filters eliminates harmful dV/dT to result in an improved sinewave, greatly extending motor and cable life by reduction of motor noise, vibration, and heat.

  • Allows Nema MG1 Part 30 motors to be used where Part 31 motors would otherwise be required
  • Eliminate Torque Ripple
  • Eliminate Voltage Wave Reflection
  • Can reach 15,000 feet for specific applications
  • Reduce Motor Noise, Vibration, and Heat Increase Motor Life
  • May be used with virtually all AC induction motors, lead lengths and lead types
  • Can be used with a wide range of carrier frequencies from 2 kHz to 12 kHz and beyond
  • Specific applications can reach 15,000 feet

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