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Catalog Number:  KDRS1HC7
Rated HP:  600
Rated Amps:  720
Ship Weight:  420 lbs.

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Use KDR High “Z” Units For: Any application where a 5% reactor would be applied.

Reduction of nuisance tripping caused by:

  • Transient voltages caused by capacitor switching
  • Line notching
  • DC bus overvoltage tripping
  • Inverter overcurrent and overvoltage

Additional benefits include:

  • Lowering injected percentage of harmonic current
  • Improving true power factor
  • Reducing cross-talk between drives
  • Adding impedance to drives with DC link chokes/reactors when more impedance is desired due to a relatively stiff source

TCI KDR units will help prevent inverter instantaneous overcurrent trips because they provide needed inductance when the load on an inverter has an abnormally high capacitance. This product is recommended when lengths between the Variable Frequency Drive and motor are between 25 thru 100 feet. These guidelines have been recommended because as motor leads become longer, the resonant frequency is lowered, and the magnitude and duration of the voltage spikes increases. For lead lengths exceeding 100 feet, TCI offers V1k Output Filters and KMG MotorGuard High Performance Output Filters for long lead motor protection needs.

Optimized Drive Reactors Extend the life of the motor on the Output:

• Dampen Overshoot Peak Voltage
• Reduce Motor Heating
• Reduce Audible Noise
• RoHS Compliant!

Dampen Overshoot Peak Voltage: KDR Optimized Drive Reactors may be used at the output of AC-PWM variable frequency drives where the motor lead lengths are less than 100 feet. The addition of a KDR unit to the output of a drive will dampen overshoot peak voltage, reduce motor heating and audible noise, helping to extend the life of the motor.

TCI KDR Line Reactors reduce harmonic current, Increases life of drive and Protects sensitive equipment.

Harmonics and Power Quality Stabilization: Variable frequency drives are beneficial to a wide range of applications, but contain a power conversion process that creates current and voltage distortion which can cause system-wide problems, including:

  • Transformer and distribution equipment overheating
  • Random breaker tripping
  • Sensitive equipment may fail completely
  • Poor power factor
  • Reduced system efficiency

The addition of a KDR Reactor will reduce harmonic content, which reduces the total RMS current, thereby improving the total power factor.

  • Nuisance tripping is less common
  • Drive uptime is increased
  • Power factor is improved

A voltage transient, commonly caused by capacitor bank switching (or other issues), sends a current surge into the VFD bus capacitor. The additional current raises bus voltage, thus causing a drive fault (trip). In addition, this overvoltage condition will cause the drive to shut down in order to protect its components.

Unbalanced Distribution Systems cause Nuisance Tripping: Input voltage phase unbalance may prevent the drive from performing due to subsequent overcurrent conditions which cause the drive to cease operating. KDR Optimized Line Reactor on Unbalanced systems The addition of a KDR Reactor to the input of every drive will help balance the drive input line currents.

  • 5% Impedance Protection
  • Ambient Temperature: 50° C (122° F) - Open; 40° C (104° F) - Enclosed
  • Altitude (Maximum): 2,000 meters (6,000 feet)
    • Derating necessary above 2,000 meters
  • Fundamental Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Short Term Overload Rating: Tolerate 200% rated I for a minimum of 3 minutes
  • This unit is NOT UL Listed.
  • Inductance Characteristics:
    • Minimum 95% L at 110% Load
    • Minimum 80% L at 150% Load
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Manufacturer Part Number: KDRS1HC7
Stock # KDRS1HC7
Price: $3,562.00
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