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TCI H5 Harmonic Filters

TCI H5 Active Harmonic Filters monitor the load current and reacts to changes in load almost instantaneously, while returning true power factor to near unity. The filter monitors harmonics on the line and injects a counter current to cancel out harmonics and synchronize the current and voltage waveforms. The H5 Active Harmonic Filter includes a large, 65k color touchscreen HMI display with LED backlight and popular Modbus RTU over RS485 and EtherNet/IP communication options. This state-of-the-art HMI Operator Interface allows users to quickly and easilysetup, monitor performance and remotely control the active filter for superior control and performance.

  • System-applied
  • Cost effective, efficient solution that delivers 5% TDD or less
  • Used for multiple 6 pulse VFD applications to meet IEEE-519 requirements
  • Up to 20 H5 Active Harmonic Filters can be added in parallel to increase correction capability
  • Automatic harmonic cancellation across spectrum
  • Remaining capacity, after harmonic target is achieved, is applied towards power factor correction

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