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SymCom PumpSaver®Plus Insider

SymCom Single Phase PumpSaver®Plus Insider

The SymCom Insider single-phase PumpSaver®Plus components are designed to protect single-phase pumps from dry well, dead head, jammed impeller and over and undervoltage conditions.

A calibration adjustment allows the Insider-P to be calibrated to your specific pumping applications, thereby reducing the possibility of fails or nuisance tripping. A unique microcontroller-based voltage and current sensing circuit constatly monitors the incoming power for fluctuations, overcurrent and undercurrent. When an abnormality, such as loss of suction is detected, the PumpSaver®Plus deactivated its output relay and directly disconnects the pump motor. The PumpSaver Plus then begins its user-selectable restart delay (dry-well recovery) timer. When the timer counts down to zero or power is removed and reapplied, the PumpSaver®Plus reactivated its output relay, allowing the pump to turn back on.

SymCom Model 111-Insider-P single-phase PumpSaver®Plus fits inside 1/3 and 1/2HP 115V Franklin, Pentek or CentriPro control boxes. 

SymCom Model 231-Insider-P single-phase PumpSaver®Plus fits inside 1/3 and 1HP 230V Franklin, Pentek or CentriPro control boxes.

SymCom Model 232-Insider single-phase PumpSaver fits inside 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1HP 230V Grundfos control boxes.

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