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SymCom ALT-115-X-SW Alternating Relay with Switch

SymCom ALT-115-X-SW Alternating Relay with Switch

ALT alternating relays are used to alternate between two loads.

The ALT is commonly used in duplex pumping applications to balance the runtime of both pumps. The ALT-X has an internal cross-connected relay and is used in dual high-level float applications. These floats are commonly referred to as lead and lag floats. The pumps alternate as in the ALT-S version but the cross-connected relay configuration allows both pumps to run simultaneously when both the lead and lag floats are closed. These relays are also available with a built-in switch (SW option) that is used to manually force one of the pumps to run every time the float switch is closed. This is helpful when a pump has been removed for repair or for test purposes. In the case of the Model ALT-X-SW, the switch essentially forces one pump to be the lead pump, while still allowing the second to run when both floats are closed. All Model ALT relays have a built-in debounce feature that prevents the relay from changing state if the switch or float contact bounces momentarily.

SymCom ALT-115-X-SW Alternating Relay with Switch
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Manufacturer Part Number: ALT115-X-SW
Stock # ALT115-X-SW
Price: $62.00
Compare At: $124.00

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