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SymCom 77C-LR-KW/HP PumpSaver

SymCom Model 77C-LR-KW/HP PumpSaver Series is a fully programmable electronic power monitors. This designed to monitor and protect any 1-phase 100-240VAC motor drawing 9 Amps or less.

SYMCOM Model 77C-LR-KW/HP has important advantages over current monitors in many protection applications. Any motor load that has a small or very non-linear change in current vs. load requires the use of a power monitor for under-load, dry run and dead-head protection. The change in power vs. load is more linear for most motor loads and is greater in magnitude than the change in current in all motor loads. This is because power measurements take into account both power factor (pf) and current.

Small motors, those under 3 hp and especially fractional horsepower, exhibit small changes in current vs. load, but the change in power is large. When larger motors are de-rated (run below their rated horsepower) the change in current is small vs. load, but again, the change in power is large and linear. Other typical applications include slower speed mixer or agitator motors up to 50 hp and beyond. These motors and others that run slower than around 3400 rpm usually have small current changes vs. load.

Magdrive and can pumps tend to be small horsepower, positive displacement type pumps. These pumps need the high sensitivity of a power monitor to protect them from dry run using the under power feature and dead-head conditions using the under power feature if the motor decouples from the pump, and the overpower feature if the motor does not decouple.

The built-in UL Listed/CSA approved overload, current unbalance, reverse phase, single-phase and other protection features are significant benefits over similar products. The Modbus communications capability allows this device to be directly integrated with the SymCom RM-1000 and RM-2000 remote displays or other remote monitoring and control equipment.

SymCom 77C-LR-KW/HP PumpSaver
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Manufacturer Part Number: 77C-LR-KW/HP
Stock # PS77C-LR-KW/HP
Price: $298.00
Compare At: $601.00

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