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Stearns Parts Authentication

Important: When ordering STEARNS BRAKE repair parts we highly recommended that you take the time to fill out this form to confirm your part number correctness. Please provide the following brake identification information to confirm the part numbers you need. Electric Motor Wholesale does not accept returns on STEARNS replacement
If at all possible please attach picture of STEARNS Identification Plate

First Name*:
Last Name*:
Company Name:
ZIP/Postal Code:
File Upload:
Catalog Number :
Model Number * :
REV * :
Serial Number :
Brake Torque Ft-Lb. :
Mounting Position :
Coild Volts AC :
Coil Volts DC :
Hub Code :
Complete Brake Assembly :
AC Coil Kit :
DC Coil Kit :
Coil Number :
Solenoid Kit :
Hardware Kit :
Plug/Gasket Kit :
Housing & Release Knob Kit :
Release Knob Kit :
Stationary Disc Kit :
Friction Disc Kit W/Clip :
Vertical Spring Kit :
Disc Pack Kit :
Hub and Set Screw Assembly :
Endplate and Stationary Disc Assembly :
Support Plate Assembly :
Brake Release Interlock Switch :

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