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RM-2000 CBM SYMCOM Remote Monitoring Device

Model RM-2000 CBM

The RM-2000 CBM (Coal Bed Methane) Special/777combination optimizes gas production from coal bed methane wells while protecting the submersible pump. The 777 provides unmatched pump protection while the RM-2000 CBM Special cycles the pump based on pressure measurements from one or two 4-20mA pressure transducers.
The first transducer measures down-hole pressure while an optional second transducer can be used to measure annulus pressure (gas pressure). The second transducer corrects head measurements caused by high annulus pressure. The pump is started when the maximum head setpoint is crossed and stopped when the minimum head setpoint is crossed. The feet-of-head is displayed in real time with the turn-on and turn-off head setpoints. This system is compatible with a wide range of 4-20mA pressure transducers.
A built-in, rapid-cycle timer prevents overcycling the pump if the water level recovers too quickly. The rapid-cycle timer can be used to delay pump starts on wells with high annulus pressure when the annulus transducer is not used. A real-time display shows the remaining time before the pump can automatically restart.


Electrical Specifications  
Control Voltage 115VAC +/- 10%; 50-60 Hz
Transient Protection(Internal) 2500 V for 10ms
Power Consumption 3 Watts (Maximum)
Communication Ports

Baud Rate
   Available Addresses
   Serial Interface
1 Port for MS777
Even Parity

1 Stop Bit
Modbus RTU
1 Port for PC, PLC,etc.
None, Odd, or Even Parity
1 or 2 Stop Bits
300 - 28800
Modbus RTU
A01 - A99
Real-time Clock
   Battery Back-up Life
   Last fault memory

10 years @ 25 degrees Celsius without external power
Stores up to 4 faults with time and date stamp, includes
voltages and currents at the time of trip
Output Relays (option 1)
   Contact Material
   Pilot Duty Rating
   General Purpose Rating
Consult Factory for Function of Relays
Two Independent Electro-Mechanical Form C(SPDT)
Silver/Tin Oxide
240 VA @ 120 VAC
5 A @ 120 VAC
Analog Output (option 2)

   Output Signal
   Maximum Load
      0-20 mA
      4-20 mA
      0-10 VDC
      0-5 VDC

0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC
 (specify with order, for others consult factory)
KW, PF, Amps, or Volts
  (Software Selectable)
500 Ohms max.
500 Ohms max.
2 kilo Ohms min.
2 kilo Ohms min.
+/- 1% @ 25 degrees Celsius
1 kVrms
Analog/Digital Inputs
(option 3)
Consult Factory
Physical Specifications  

UL 508
 cUL 508.
   Class of Protection
   Ambient Operating Temp.
   Ambient Storage Temperature

NEMA 3R, UL Type 12
-20 - 70 degrees Celsius
-30 - 70 degrees Celsius
Up TO 85%, non-condensing

6.1" L x 6.5" W X 1.1" D
1.2 lbs.
Black Polycarbonate
Liquid Crystal with extended temp range
2 rows x 20 characters
LED Back-Light
   Mechanical Life
   Overlay Material
   UV Exposure without degredation

Eight 0.5" stainless steel dome buttons for tactile feedback
50,000 actuation's
2000 Hrs.

Depluggable terminal block
2 4-20 mA pressure transducer inputs with adjustable full scale ranges.
Down Hole Transducer Full Scale
Annulus Transducer Full Scale
Adjustable Turn Off Set Point
Adjustable Turn On Set Point
Adjustable Minimum Off Time
50-600 psi in 5 psi steps
15-600 psi in 5 psi steps
10-245 ft. in 5 ft. steps
15-250 ft. in 5 ft. steps
2-250 minutes
Real time display shows actual head level with the turn on & turn off setpoints.
2 Pressure Transducer Inputs  
Accuracy/Range Field calibrate for 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5V or 1-5V
Note: 250 ½ or less shunt resistor must be used with current output transducers
Maximum input voltage 5V Input
Impedance 10 k½ Standard (250 ½ available for fixed current inputs)
Optional Turbine Flowmeter Input w/built in signal conditioner
Sensitivity 20mv - 30V
BW 3 kHz
Total Output Readings
Displayed 16,777,215 gal or barrels
Read via the Network 4,294,967,295 gal/102,261,126 barrels
Flow Readings
Instantaneous Flow in barrels/day (bpd)  
Output for last 24 hours (barrels)  
Low / No Flow Shutdown with adjustable time delay
Trip delay 1 - 255 min
100 ½ RTD Input  
Max Temp 400° C / 752° F
Accuracy ± 2%


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RM-2000 CBM SYMCOM Remote Monitoring Device
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Manufacturer Part Number: RM-2000 CBM
Stock # RM-2000-CBM

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