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LINCOLN Three Phase WYE 80 Starts Hour Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors

LINCOLN Three Phase WYE 80 Starts Per Hour Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors: Ideally suited for hydraulic pump passenger, service, freight, and dumbwaiter low rise elevators. Typically hydraulic elevators travel up to 6 floors at speeds up to 200 fpm.

Features Include:

  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Dual Rated Nameplates for 80 & 120 Starts/Hour
  • Wye Start/Delta Run
  • Class F Insulated
  • 40° C Ambient
  • F-1 Mounting
  • Ball Bearings with Grease Fittings and Automatic Relief
  • NEMA Dimensions
  • CSA Approved, UL Recognized
  • Constructed for low noise and low vibration.

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