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LINCOLN Three Phase TEFC C-FACE Inverter Duty Motors

LINCOLN Three Phase TEFC C-FACE Inverter Duty Motors: For use in constant torque (conveyors, machine tools) or variable torque (pumps, fans)  variable speed applications within the stated speed range of the motor.

Features Include:

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 4:1 Constant torque speed range at continuous duty of 15-60Hz
  • Variable torque speed range with open loop drive of 0-60Hz
  • Constant horsepower speed range of 2x base speed
    (56-256T frames) or 1.5x base speed (284T-449T frames)
  • Wider speed ranges possile on intermittent duty.
  • Ultimate Spike Defense Insulation System
  • 1.00 service factor on PWM waveform, 1.15 service factor or better on sine-wave power.
  • Precision dynamic balanced rotor assembly
  • Thermal overload protection (Class F Thermostats)

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