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LEESON Single Phase Brakemotors

LEESON Single Phase Brakemotors Image

LEESON Fail-Safe Positive Stop and Holding Brakemotors for use where quick response stopping and holding is required in the application, which may include conveyors, hoists, and packaging equipment.


  • Made in USA
  • Standard brake manufactured by Stearns
  • Fail-safe positive stop and holding brakes
  • Load stops automatically when power is turned off
  • Power off manual release for convenience and for use in case of a power failure
  • The manual release resets automatically
  • Dual voltage brake coils rated for 115/230VAC, 60Hz.
  • The brake coil leads are brought into the conduit box of the motor for easy connection. Leads may be connected to operate when power to the motor is shut off and to be actuated independent of power to the motor.

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