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LEESON DC Drives & Accessories

LEESON DC Drives & Accessories

LEESON Speedmaster DC controls are general purpose drives designed for use with permanent magnet type direct current motors. NEMA1 enclosed drives are suitable for most industrial applications, with NEMA4X enclosures best suited for washdown or outdoor installations or for extremely dusty applications. Chassis only units are available for building into equipment, machinery or existing enclosures. Most controls have a dual voltage switch allowing the control to be used on 115 or 230 volt, single phase, 50/60 Hertz service. However, the proper voltage motor should be selected for use with the power supply input, i.e., 90 volt DC motors for 115 volt input or 180 volt motors for 230 volt input service. Installation and adjustment instructions are included.

SCR/Thyristor drives are available in unidirectional and electro-mechanical type reversing styles for NEMA frame ratings and sub-fractional HP sizes.

All SCR/Thyristor drives have Shunt Field Supply Terminals and can be used with Shunt Wound DC Motors.

Regenerative, four quadrant controls in NEMA 4X or chassis style available for applications requiring more precise motion control. These controls will produce both motoring and braking torque regulation for NEMA frame 1/4 HP through 2 HP motors.

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controls are available in NEMA 1 and chassis style units for subfractional HP frame motors form 1/40 through 1/4 HP. Due to their improved form factor, these PWM controls will result in quieter operation, lower operating temperatures, longer brush life, and greater motor overload capacity than for the same motor on a SCR type control.



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