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LEESON Three Phase WASHGUARD Stainless Brake Motors

LEESON Stainless Brakemotor is a positive, stop and hold brakemotor for use in washdown applications. Ideal for use in clean room and severe chemical-processing applications involving frequent washdown with nitric acid and caustic lye.

Brakes are spring set. Load is stopped automatically when power is turned off. Featuring a power off manual release for convenience, and for use in case of a power failure. The manual release resets automatically. The standard brake is manufactured by Stearns.


  • Made in USA
  • All exterior components are 300-series stainless steel.
  • Nothing on the motor's exterior is painted or coated in any way.
  • Interior coatings applied to rotor and stator protect against corrosion.
  • All sealing components are Viton® for superior chemical resistance.
  • Buna-N gaskets and Viton shaft seals (both ends for TEFC motors)
  • IRIS Inverter rated insulation system
  • Full fact nameplate is laser etched on the motor frame
  • Double-sealed bearings

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