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LEESON MICRO WASHGUARD Series AC Inverters - Stainless

LEESON WASHGUARD Stainless Steel Speedmaster Micro Series compact inverters offer "big drive"  full features for adapting standard or premium efficiency three phase motors to adjustable speed operation. Utilizing the latest micro-processor and advanced IGBT power conversion devices, these high performance controls program and read-out in plain English, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking-up confusing coded symbols. Complete, rugged WASHGUARD Food Safe Stainless Steel enclosures for NEMA 4X (IP65) frequent washdown applications but must be protected from caustic agents. Paint-free stainless steel, no external fans, and anodized aluminum heat sinks provide superior heat transfer and greater structural integrity compared to plastic or fiberglass enclosures. These Speedmaster Micro Series drives have the same features as the standard NEMA 1 units.

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