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LEESON Three Phase Washguard II Super Duck Motors

LEESON Three Phase Washguard II Super Duck Motors are designed for superior, extended life in severe environments. Tested and approved to handle 2,500 hours of diluted salt spray. Typical applications include areas requiring frequent sanitation using concentrated caustic solutions, areas of high humidity, and in chemical environments.


  • Made in USA
  • BISSC certified for the Baking Industry
  • Paint-free exterior
  • Stainless steel shaft, hardware, conduit box, cover, nameplate and fan guard
  • Moisture-resistant interior coating inhibits corrosion
  • IRIS® Inverter rated insulation system—1 HP and higher
  • NEMA® Premium efficiency rating—1 HP and higher
  • Buna-N gaskets and Viton® shaft seals
  • Drains for all mounting orientations enable flexible installation
  • IP55 enclosure protection
  • Nothing sheds water like a duck!

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