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LEESON Three Phase JP DP Pump Motors

LEESON Three Phase JP DP Pump Motors designed for continuous duty service on close-coupled pumps using NEMA JP mounting and shaft dimensions. In such applications, the pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Designed for continuous duty service. All motors listed are 1.15 Service Factor.

DP Enclosure, have open drip-proof construction with rigid base mounting. Locked bearing on shaft end limits axial shaft movement. For use where the environment is relatively clean and dry. For outdoor use, an enclosure or drip cover may be preferred. See the Drip Cover Kit table. Some 182-4JP frame motors have enclosed endshields as standard with frame meeting the 12* drip-proof requirement. No drip cover is needed, or shown in the table, for these motors.

Electrical Features: High efficiency copper windings with NEMA 1.15 service factors. UL and CSA recognized designs. All 180 and 210 frame rolled steel motors have Class F Insulation.

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