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LEESON DC METRIC IEC Frame IP54 Motors are built to IEC 34-1 electrical and mechanical standards. The IEC 63 and smaller frames are stocked with an integral B5 flange or B14 face less base. An optional B3 rigid base kit is available. A unique modular approach for IEC 71 frame and larger allows the motor to be field modified to B3 rigid base mounted construction, B5 flange mounted or B14 face mounted construction using conversion kits. Please note the one or more of the mounting kits must be used with IEC motors of these frame sizes.

Electrical & Mechanical Features: A terminal board is provided for connections. All fasteners are metric. Electrical and mechanical features are the same as listed for the NEMA frame motors. Tachometer mounting kits are available for 71 and 80 frames only.

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