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LEESON 3-Phase Metric IEC B3/B14 Rigid Base Motors

LEESON Three Phase B3 base and B14 face mounting Metric dimensioned, AC motors meeting North American performance standards, including 1.15 service factor and EPACT efficiencies.

Typically used for replacement on machine tools, textile machinery and other equipment with metric dimensions but requiring the heavy-duty torque and performance characteristics of motors designed for use in North America. IP55 weatherproof encloses, 60/50 Hz interchangeability (60Hz 230/460V & 50Hz 200/400V), dual stamped nameplates, CE mark, and F3 conduit box location.

Motors are available in one of two frame constructions: aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum frame models are designated with a 192000 series catalog number; cast model irons are 193000 series.

Larger than 25 HP B3/B14 motors can be obtained by converting the B3 Foot-mounted motors with a B14 face kit

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