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LEESON Electric AC Variable Frequency Drives

Cost effective Speedmaster Micro Series and Sub-Micro Series compact inverters offer "big drive" full features for adapting standard or premium efficiency three phase motors to adjustable speed operation. Utilizing the latest micro-processor and advanced IGBT power conversion devices. Enclosures ranging from NEMA IP22, NEMA 1(IP31) or NEMA 4/12 (IP65).

SUB-MICRO Series are designed for applications requiring a simpler drive without the advanced feature of the SM-Plus drive. Provides 11 isolated I/O terminals with one form A relay output. Other features include

SM PLUS SUB-MICRO Series are designed for Big Performance from an ultra-compact desgn. Provides 18 isolated I/O terminals plus RS485 Modbus serial communications.

SM2 SERIES FLUX VECTOR Drive excels in environments where inverter technology was once considered to costly, including packaging machinery, food processing machinery, material handling/conveying systems and HVAC systems.

Speedmaster Micro Series compact inverters provide high performance controls program and read-out in plain English, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking-up confusing coded symbols. Complete, rugged steel enclosures for NEMA 1(IP31) or NEMA 4/12 (IP65) service do not require additional enclosure protection as with many plastic-housed compact drives. Built-in thermal overload protection reduces additional costs. Heavy duty wiring terminals accessible via three conduit openings on the bottom of the housing for power in/out and input/output signals speeds installation and reduces installation costs.


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