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LEESON Low Voltage DC Chassis Drive


LEESON’s DC to DC controllers are a chassis type design, that accept a DC input voltage and output a DC power voltage to control the motor speed. The speed maybe varied with the potentiometer that is shipped loose with the control or an external voltage signal.

Higher design efficiency results in longer running time between battery charges than is possible with traditional methods of speed control using resistance in series with the battery.

Typical Operating Features: Provides smooth 40 to 1 speed range capability for mobile equipment. Maintains variable speed control as batteries discharge. Adjustable min/max speed. IR compensation, and 200% current limit overload protection. Inhibit pin terminals provide customer optional start-stop without breaking battery lines. Green LED power on indicator is provided.

Catalog number 175290 does not require a heat sink, and measures 6.8L x 4.44W x 2.19D. Catalog numbers 175291 & 175292 do require heat sink, which is included and measures 7.78L x 3.25D.

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