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LEESON IP55 WASHGUARD 12VDC Right Angle Gearmotor

LEESON IP55 WASHGUARD 12VDC DC Right Angle Permanent Magnet gearmotors are rated for continuous duty. Designed for use with battery supplied low voltage for adjustable speed applications requiring constant torque throughout the speed range.

Mechanical Specification:  Gearbox output shafts are 303 stainless steel. Frame, endshields, armature and interior components protected by enamel and polyester compounds for resistance to moisture, acids, alkalies and oil. Cast conduit box with threaded conduit holes and Nitrile gaskets keep water out. The conduit box cover is made from 304 stainless steel. For any condensation that may accumulate inside the motor, a one-way stainless steel vapor vent is provided. All hardware is stainless steel. Motor painted with epoxy for superior corrosion resistance and protection. Machined fits between the endbells and motor frame are sealed with gaskets. Thru-bolt heads and nuts sealed with fiber washers. O-rings under each threaded brush cover. This worm-type right-angle gearing features hardened, steel worm with bronze worm wheel for long life and quiet operation. Precision machined aluminum housings are used. Gearbox has all ball bearings. The housing is sealed and lubrication is permanent with an oil bath.

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