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LEESON P1100 SERIES PARALLEL Totally enclosed, permanent magnet SCR rated DC gearmotor, performance matched for continuous duty service over a 60:1 speed range. All have constant torque throughout the range when powered by a full-wave unfiltered SCR-type adjustable speed control having a typical form factor of 1.3 to 1.4.

Mechanical Specifications:
Gearbox has rugged aluminum die cast housing, for maximum gear and bearing support. Precision machined gearing, hardened for maximum load capability. All gearing designed and rated to AGMA Class 9 standards and to withstand momentary shock overload of 200%. Oversized output bearings for greater overhung load capacity and longer life. High-carbon alloy output shaft provides maximum strength and rigidity. All needle bearing journals are precision-ground after heat treating, to provide maximum finish and fit. Heavy-duty industrial oil seals help keep lubricant in and dirt out. Gears and bearings are splash lubricated with permanent, heavy-duty gear oil. Conduit box is included as standard.

Application Notes:
These gearmotors are designed for mounting at any angle, but shaft up with motor below gearhead is not recommended. Overhung load capacities shown are at center of output shaft. P1100 DC gearmotors have the same mounting dimensions as Bison 483 gearmotors and many Dayton gearmotors.

The motor’s stall torque exceeds recommended full load torques. A current limiting device such as an SCR control should be used to prevent damage.

RPM 135 Volts 90 Volts  
HPKW 1/4 F.L. Amps 2.7 F.L. Amps  
Frame P1102-48 S. F Amps   S. F Amps  
Max Amb 40 Hertz   Phase  
Insul Class F3 Duty CONT TYPE DN
Model # C4D17NZ23 Serv. Factor 1.0 PF  
Eff 100%   Eff 75%   Enclosure TENV
Protection NOT Therm.Prot.   Bearing OPE  
Design   Code   Bearing PE  
UL Yes CSA Yes CE No
Torque lb-In 105 Nameplate M100414702 Lubrication  
Series   Overhung Ld. 525 Shaft Type PARALLEL
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Manufacturer Part Number: 108706.00
Stock # 108706
Price: $602.00
Compare At: $1,520.00

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