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KBRG-255 8821 REGEN Chassis Drive 230VAC 180VDC

KBRG-255 8821 Regen Control - In Stock
Full-wave drive is designed specifically to control 5 Hp shunt wound and PM DC motors. It is similar to the KBRG-225D (3 Hp); however, the SCR ratings and heatsink size have been enhanced. All of the features of the KBRG-225D have been retained* except that the current jumper selection and built-in armature fusing have been eliminated. A new P-C power board incorporates 35 amp SCR’s and a rugged 45 amp barrier terminal block. * Direct replacement for Baldor BC203

RATED – 5 Hp @ 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz

KBRG-255 is a full-wave regenerative drive capable of operating DC PM or Shunt motors in a bidirectional mode. Its 4-quadrant operation provides forward and reverse torque in both speed directions. This allows the control to maintain constant speed with overhauling loads and provides rapid instant reversing and controlled braking. Because of its excellent controllability and response time, the KBRG-255 can replace servos in many applications. The control is factory set for armature feedback, which provides up to 1% load regulation over a motor base speed of 50:1. However, tachometer feedback is also available if superior regulation is required. By resetting mode jumper J7 to the “TRQ” position, the KBRG-255 can be changed from a speed control to a torque control.


  • Enable Circuit
  • Two (2) or Three (3) Wire Start/Stop
  • Overload Shutdown with Timed CL
  • External Relay Contacts
  • Function Indicator Lamps: Power On, Current Limit, Forward Enable, Reverse Enable
  • Protection: Control Circuit Fusing, MOV Transient Protection, Auto Inhibit®, Rapid Response Current Limit Circuit, Regen Overspeed Protection


  • Bipolar Signal Isolator, SI-4X (P/N 8801)
  • 4-Quad Accel/Decel (P/N 8803)
  • Multi-Speed Board (P/N 8814)
  • PID Board (P/N 8804)
KBRG-255 8821 REGEN Chassis Drive 230VAC 180VDC
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Manufacturer Part Number: KBRG-255
Stock # KB8821
Price: $450.10
Compare At: $643.00

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