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Product Number:  0405250
Package Size: 25' Box
Belt Section: BB
Weight: 5 lbs.

APPLICATIONS: A permanent drop-in replacement for traditional double-V rubber belts in serpentine drives, where power needs to be transmitted by both sides of the belt. PowerTwist Double-V V-Belts also transmit high power while exhibiting low stretch. Also has a fast and easy installation process.

Best Suited For: Ideal for use with serpentine drives or for use in conveying applications where a lower contact area between the belt and the conveyed item is desired.

The same great benefits! PowerTwist Double-V V-Belt is a derivative of our famous PowerTwist Plus V-Belts which means that you will get all the same benefits! The combination of high strength and low elongation under load simply cannot be beaten. Because they're made of a custom-designed, high-tech polyurethane/polyester composite, PowerTwist Double-V V-belts won't fail you when others may. The result? Less downtime. Higher productivity. Reduced maintenance costs.

• Everyday industrial workhorse
• Minimized maintenance time
• High performance polyester/polyurethane composite technology
• Easy to inventory

The right belt at the right time! Instead of trying to carry all the endless V-belt sizes you might need, with PowerTwist Double-V, you only need to stock AA, BB, and CC cross sections and you will have almost 100% on site availability guaranteed. With PowerTwist Double-V V-Belt you will reduce the inventory dollars that you have tied up in replacement V-belts and still have instant availability.

• Perfectly suited for AA, BB, and CC drives
• Reduced inventory… any belt, any time!

No tools required. No matter what equipment you are operating, productivity is critical. PowerTwist Double-V V-Belts minimize downtime with no tools required and has easy installation in minutes without machine tear-downs or struggling with rusted-down motor bases.
Single or matched V-belt sets can be made with a flick of the wrist! PowerTwist Double-V V-Belts can be made up to required length by hand in seconds and rolled onto the drive just like a bicycle chain. Their custom multi-ply composite construction prevents roll-on damage. If conventional rubber double V V-belts are installed this way, almost certainly some of the load-bearing tension cords will be broken, leading to significantly reduced belt life.

• Easier, faster installation
• Easily installed without dismantling drive components
• Make any length by hand in seconds without any tools
• Simplified drive design

Tame hostile environments If your V-belt drives are operating in hostile, nasty environments, you've got to take advantage of the high performance properties of polyurethanes. That's why we use a high performance polyurethane elastomer reinforced with multiple plies of polyester fabric for PowerTwist Double-V. This custom material provides PowerTwist Double-V with significantly superior resistance to oils, grease, water, and the most common industrial/agricultural chemicals and solvents. Plus an operating temperature range, with no loss of performance, of -40º F to +240º F. Conventional SBR/chloroprene brand V-belts simply can't compete.

If your drive environment is like hell's kitchen and conventional V-belt life is down to a few months, PowerTwist Double-V may be your long term answer.

• Longer belt life in harsh operating conditions
• Unaffected by extreme temperatures, water, steam, oil, grease, and common industrial chemicals and solvents

Reduce transmitted vibration. All conventional V-belts with a continuous internal mono tension cord will transmit vibrations from the motor to driveN components; these vibrations cause system noise and can significantly shorten bearing life. The segmented twist-lock design of PowerTwist Double-V acts as a vibration dampener - vibration can enter a link but cannot be transmitted as there is no continuous tension cord present. Save your bearings - fit PowerTwist Double-V V-belts!

• unique belt construction dampens transmitted motor vibrations, extending the bearing life and reducing noise levels
• high resistance to abrasion and shock loads

RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive compliant.


  • Profile shape: Double V
  • Profile size: BB
  • Color: Red
  • Compliancy: RoHS
  • Material: Composite Polyester/Polyurethane
  • Minimum Pulley Diameter: 125mm, 5.00"
  • Special Feature: V profile on both side
  • Top Width: 17mm, 5/8"
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Manufacturer Part Number: 0405250
Stock # 0405250
Price: $180.00
Compare At: $431.25

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