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Baldor DC DPFG Self-Ventilated Shunt Wound Motors

Baldor DC DPFG Self-Ventilated Shunt Wound Motors are designed for use with conveyors, plastic extruders, packaging machinery and other constant torque applications for DC SCR motors.


  • Includes thermostat on interpole
  • Class F insulation system resistant to dirt, carbon, dust and moisture
  • High dielectric stability
  • Low moment of inertia armature for fast response
  • Constant pressure brush springs and longer brushes for reduced maintenance
  • Includes grease fittings and reliefs for bearing maintenance Power code C and D or M-G sets
  • Maximum RPM by field weakening
  • Provisions for tach mounting
  • May be converted to blower ventilated (DPBV) for extended constant torque speed

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