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BALDOR VS1SP425-4B 25HP 460VAC WASHDOWN Inverter Drive

BALDOR Catalog Number:  VS1SP425-4B
Constant Torque HP: 25
Input AC Volts: 340-525
Output AC Volts: 340-525
Output Amps Cont.: 34
Output Amps Peak: 60
Ship Weight:  35 lbs.
Size Draw Ref BX.


BALDOR VS1SP NEMA4X AC Drive uses high performance control algorithms to allow control of induction motors using traditional a V/Hz control method or using sensorless vector control. It’s easy setup, quick startup, and right-out-of-the-box operation make it among the most popular variable speed motor controls.

Enhanced Software Performance:

  • Enhanced motor tuning featuring improved motor model. Accuracy improvement results in more torque per amp and the ability to control a wider range of variable speed motors
  • New power dip ride through uses the motor inertia to maintain bus voltage and power to the drive
  • Communication speed through put is increased by sending one data packet instead of multiple smaller pieces of information
  • Braking performance uses an improved regenerative torque limit calculation and results in more torque during deceleration
  • Motor current at zero speed is now selectable and can be set to output torque immediately after an enable input or to wait for a directional run command

Drive commonality is maintained within your facility for both closed loop and open loop applications by providing the same interface for all Baldor V*S Drives sensorless vector products.

  • Control Modes - V/Hz (Pump/Fan, Linear, Custom), Sensorless Vector
  • NEMA 4X Wash Down Enclosure
  • PID Control Loop with 2 or 3 Inputs
  • Built-in RS485 ModBus Communication Option
  • Pluggable Terminal Block
  • Profile Run for Repetitive Processes
  • PLC Functionality for Intelligent Operation
  • User-friendly Keypad with Full-graphics Backlit LCD Display and Adjustable Font Size
Current Ratings
Catalog Number   Input Volt   Size
VS1SP425-4B   340-525   BX
Standard 2.5 kHz PWM
Constant Torque (Heavy Duty)
Input Amp: 34
HP: 25
KW: 18.5
IC: 34
IP: 60
Variable Torque (Normal Duty)
Input Amp: 40
HP: 30
KW: 22
IC: 40
IP: 50
Quiet 8.0 kHz PWM
Constant Torque (Heavy Duty)
Input Amp: 27
HP: 20
KW: 15
IC: 27
IP: 47
Variable Torque (Normal Duty)
Input Amp: 34
HP: 25
KW: 18.5
IC: 34
IP: 39
BALDOR VS1SP425-4B 25HP 460VAC WASHDOWN Inverter Drive
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Manufacturer Part Number: VS1SP425-4B
Stock # VS1SP425-4B

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