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Baldor Three Phase RPM AC Vector Duty Motors

Baldor Three Phase RPM AC Vector Duty Motors are designed for Test stands, extruders, conveyors, crane & hoist systems, converting, web processing, traction duty, winders, printing.


  • Compact square laminated steel frame FL210-L440 (FL180 is extruded
    aluminum) for vector duty 1000:1 constant torque.
  • Premium class H insulation, 40 C ambient, 1.0 S.F. Ball bearing.
  • Three normally closed thermostats (one per phase).
  • Surpasses the requirements of MG1, Part 31. VPI insulation & insulated
    O.D.E. bearing is standard on all L440 frames.
  • Exclusive optimum pole Inverter Duty - not for across the line operation.
  • Includes BEI HS35 1024 ppr hollow shaft encoder with MS twist lock connector, mating connector and protective cover.

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