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KBVF-13 1/2HP VFD IP-20 115VAC 1PH INPUT 9957

KBVF-13 Hybrid AC Drive, A Digital Drive with Analog Interface

Catalog Number: KB9957
Model Number: KBVF-13
Description:  1/2HP,VFD,CHASSIS,IP-20
Input:  115VAC, 1PH
Output:  2.4 Amps, 230VAC, 3PH
Ship Weight:  1.0 lbs.

KBVF-13 Adjustable Frequency Drive provides variable speed control for standard 3-phase and Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)1 AC induction motors from subfractional thru 1/2 HP. The sine wave coded Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) output operates at a carrier frequency of 16 kHz, which provides high motor efficiency and low noise. Adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration are provided, making the drive suitable for soft-start applications. For AC line and motor wiring, quick-connect terminals are provided.

Notes: 1. Optional software is required for PSC motors — contact our Sales Department. 2. UL approved as an electronic overload protector for motors. 3. Models KBVF-21D, 22D contain ICL in lieu of EICL™. 4. In 50 Hz Mode, the DEC/B Trimpot automatically becomes Adjustable Boost.

Easy to Install and Simple to Operate

Energy Saving
Uses only the power the application requires Energy savings is realized by using variable motor speed vs. constant speed motors.

Economical to Use
No need to derate drive for high starting torque applications. Combines Soft Start with Variable Speed Control (Adjustable Soft Start)

Dimensions approx. 4.3" x 3.9" X 2.5" Agency approvals: UL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, RoHS available.

The KBVF AC drive is easy to install and operate and due to the user-friendly design tailoring to specific applications is accomplished with selectable jumpers and trimpots, which eliminate the computerlike programming required on other drives. However, for most applications no adjustments are necessary. For more advanced programming, PC based Drive-Link™ software is available. Main features include adjustable RMS Current Limit and I2 t Motor Overload Protection.2 In addition, Adjustable Slip Compensation with Static Auto-Tune and Boost provides high torque and excellent load regulation over a wide speed range. Power Start™ delivers over 200% motor torque to ensure startup of high frictional loads. Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL™) eliminates harmful AC line inrush current.3 The drive is suitable for machine or variable torque (HVAC) applications. With optional Drive-Link™ software, the drive can be programmed for DC Injection Braking. Other features include adjustable trimpots (MIN, MAX, ACC, DEC/B4, COMP CL), customer selectable jumpers (Automatic- Manual Start, Motor Frequency, Frequency Multiplier, Forward/Reverse, and Line Voltage (dual voltage models only)). Diagnostic LEDs are provided for power (PWR) and drive status (ST). A 5 kΩ Main Speed Potentiometer is also included. A Signal Isolator is optional on all models, which can be used for single-ended or bidirectional speed control and accepts voltage or current signal input. Other optional accessories include Class “A” and “B” AC Line Filters, Dynamic Brake Module, Multi-Speed Board, Programming Kit, and Modbus Communication Module. A connector is provided for easy installation of accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • SIVFR: (Part No. KB9597) — Signal Isolator and Run/Fault Relay – Provides isolation between a non-isolated signal voltage (0 to ±2.5 thru 0 to ±25 Volts DC) or current source (4 – 20 mA DC) and the drive. Can be used in single-ended or bidirectional mode. Run/Fault Relay Output Contacts are also provided, which can be used to turn on or off equipment or to signal a warning if the drive is put into the Stop Mode or a fault has occurred. Mounts on the end of the drive’s heat sink.
  • DBVF: (Part No. KB9598) — Dynamic Brake Module – Provides up to 25% continuous braking and 200% instantaneous braking torque (maximum 1 HP (0.75 kW)).
  • Multi-Speed Board: (Part No. 9503) – Provides multi-speed operation using external contacts or a PLC. Mounts on the end of the drive’s heat sink.
  • Programming Kit: (Part No. 9582) – Includes DownLoad Module™ (DLM) handheld programming device which uploads and downloads drive programs, PC to DLM serial communication cable, DLM to inverter communication cable, and PC Windows® based Drive- Link™ communication software. Contact our Sales Department for more information.
  • DIVF: (Part No. 9568) — Modbus Communication Module – Allows the drive to communicate with PLCs, PCs, and HMIs with Modbus* RTU protocol utilizing a serial communication cable. If a USB communication cable is required, purchase Part No. 19008. *Other Protocols available. Contact our Sales Department.
  • RFI Filters and Chokes (Part No. A42027) – Provide RFI and EMI Suppression. They comply with CE Council Directive 89/336/EEC relating to the Class A Industrial and Class B Residential Standards. See RFI Filters and Chokes Selection Guide Publication No. D-321
  • Custom Software – All models can be factory programmed for applications that require special switching, timing, PLC functions, and GFCI operation. Contact our Sales Department.
KBVF-13 1/2HP VFD IP-20 115VAC 1PH INPUT 9957
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Manufacturer Part Number: KBVF-13
Stock # KB9957
Price: $117.00
Compare At: $163.00

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