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5HP KBDF-48 IP-20 VFD 460VAC 3PH INPUT KB 9644

Catalog Number: KB9644 - FREE Ground Shipping Inside Continental USA
Model Number: KBDF-48
Description:  5HP VFD,460VAC,3PH INPUT,IP-20,CASE B
Output:  8.3 Amps, 460VAC, 3PH
Ship Weight:  4.4 lbs.

KBDF-48 Digital AC Drive with CSP™ Sensorless Flux Vector Compensation with Static-Auto-Tune to provide excellent speed regulation with high torque loads throughout the entire speed range. Auto energy saving at light loads. Smooth motor torque. They are designed for applications that may or may not require digital programming and a digital display. Hybrid Digital KBDF AC Drive provides variable speed control of standard 3 phase AC induction motors from 1/8 to 5 horsepower with 200% Starting Torque and Digital Display with LED Status Indicators

Easy to Install and Simple to Operate
With CSP™ you are up and running in less than 10 minutes.

Motors Last Longer
Proprietary CL Software Provides overload protection, prevents motor burnout and eliminates nuisance tripping. UL approved as electronic overload protector for motors.

Energy Saving
Uses only the power the application requires Energy savings is realized by using variable motor speed vs. constant speed motors.

Economical to Use
No need to derate drive for high starting torque applications. Combines Soft Start with Variable Speed Control (Adjustable Soft Start)

Sensorless Flux Vector Control
Provides excellent speed regulation with high torque loads throughout the entire speed range. Auto-energy saving at light loads. Smooth motor torque.

Local/Remote Operation
When used with process control, the Local/Remote key can be used to switch from process control to manual control if a process fault occurs.

Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL™) Protection
Eliminates harmful inrush AC line current during power up.

Seven Isolated multi-function inputs with sink or source mode control logic, two analog inputs, two multi-function output relays and one analog output.

Built-in Potentiometer
Quickest way to change motor speed.

Provides smooth recovery to the previous set speed during a momentary power loss.

Holding Torque at Zero Speed
Resists motor shaft rotation when the drive is in “Stop” mode.

Eliminates tripping due to high bus voltage caused by rapid deceleration of high inertial loads.

Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection
Shuts down the drive if the AC line input voltage goes above or below the operating range.

Short Circuit Protection
Shuts down the drive if a short circuit occurs at the motor (phase-to-phase).

Memory Module: P/N 9634, The optional plug-in memory module can store up to 4 programs for cloning and archiving. This is in addition to the (4) on-board programs.

IODF Input/Output Multi-Function Expansion Module P/N: 9646, Provides additional input/output and Multi-Function Relay. Increases the functionality of the standard input/output of the drive.

DIDF RS-232 and RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication Module P/N: 9647, Allows direct communication between the drive and Modbus RTU protocol. Uses RS-232 and RS-485 Modbus RTU Communication Module. (Required for Drive-Link™.)

Drive-Link™ Programming Kit P/N: Available Soon!, PC Windows® based programming software. Includes DIDF Modbus Communication Module

Dynamic Brake Module P/N: Please Call, Provides dynamic braking of the motor. Externally mounted. Case "B" drives only.

Class “A” (CE) RFI Filter* Installs inside the drive (factory Installed) *Order “F” suffix for built in filter. KBDF-**F.

5HP KBDF-48 IP-20 VFD 460VAC 3PH INPUT KB 9644
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Manufacturer Part Number: KBDF-48
Stock # KB9644
Price: $395.00
Compare At: $564.00

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