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KBVF-48 5HP VFD IP-20 380/460VAC 3PH INPUT 9592

Catalog Number: KB9592- In Stock
Model Number: KBVF-48
Description:  5HP,VFD,CHASSIS,IP-20,W/SIVFR
Input:  380/460VAC, 3PH
Output:  8.3 Amps, 460VAC, 3PH
Ship Weight:  5 lbs.

KBVF-48 Hybrid AC Drive, A Digital Drive with Analog Interface
IP 20 Enclosure

Primary Features:
5 Horsepower
3Ø Input 460 VAC, 50/60 Hz
3Ø Output 460 VAC
200% Starting Torque
Power and Status Indicators

Additional Features:
Sensorless Flux Vector Control
Flux Vector Compensation with Static Auto-Tune provides excellent speed regulation
Electronic Inrush Current Limit (EICL™) Protection
Eliminates harmful inrush AC line current during power up.
Holding Torque at Zero Speed
Regeneration Protection
Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Basic, Programmable, Trimpot Adjustments

Drive Options:
Drive-Link™ Programming Kit
SIVFR Signal Isolator and Run Fault Relay*
DIVF Modbus Serial Communication Module
Class “A” or “B” (CE) RFI Filter
DBVF Dynamic Brake Module
Multi-Speed Board
KBRK Remote Digital Keypad
IOVF Input/Output Multi-Function Module

Dimensions approx. 8.75" x 4.7" X 4.45"
Agency approvals: UL, CE, CSA, C-Tick, RoHS available

Optional Accessories:

  • SIVFR: (Part No. KB9597) — Signal Isolator and Run/Fault Relay – Provides isolation between a non-isolated signal voltage (0 to ±2.5 thru 0 to ±25 Volts DC) or current source (4 – 20 mA DC) and the drive. Can be used in single-ended or bidirectional mode. Run/Fault Relay Output Contacts are also provided, which can be used to turn on or off equipment or to signal a warning if the drive is put into the Stop Mode or a fault has occurred. Mounts on the end of the drive’s heat sink.
  • DBVF: (Part No. KB9598) — Dynamic Brake Module – Provides up to 25% continuous braking and 200% instantaneous braking torque (maximum 1 HP (0.75 kW)).
  • Multi-Speed Board: (Part No. 9503) – Provides multi-speed operation using external contacts or a PLC. Mounts on the end of the drive’s heat sink.
  • Programming Kit: (Part No. 9582) – Includes DownLoad Module™ (DLM) handheld programming device which uploads and downloads drive programs, PC to DLM serial communication cable, DLM to inverter communication cable, and PC Windows® based Drive- Link™ communication software. Contact our Sales Department for more information.
  • DIVF: (Part No. 9568) — Modbus Communication Module – Allows the drive to communicate with PLCs, PCs, and HMIs with Modbus* RTU protocol utilizing a serial communication cable. If a USB communication cable is required, purchase Part No. 19008. *Other Protocols available. Contact our Sales Department.
  • RFI Filters and Chokes (Part No. A42027) – Provide RFI and EMI Suppression. They comply with CE Council Directive 89/336/EEC relating to the Class A Industrial and Class B Residential Standards. See RFI Filters and Chokes Selection Guide Publication No. D-321
  • Custom Software – All models can be factory programmed for applications that require special switching, timing, PLC functions, and GFCI operation. Contact our Sales Department.
KBVF-48 5HP VFD IP-20 380/460VAC 3PH INPUT 9592
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Manufacturer Part Number: KBVF-48W/SIVFR
Stock # KB9592
Price: $340.00
Compare At: $485.00

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